Tuesday, November 6, 2018


 The holidays are here yet once again, I would like to offer a holiday makeover special of 10% off when you make an appointment for a makeover for the holidays, prices range from 55.00 to 85.00 includes hairstyle and make-up just mention you saw this ad good through the whole month of December 
Appointment only

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hear we go again all I have to say is OMG it has been quite the year since last appeared here I have had a ton of things go down, first my mom had a stroke and then had fallen and broke her leg and her arm in several places (lots of Dr. appointments) So I have been taking care of her, then we finally sold our home and moved just in time for the holidays, (YAY) So exciting, and yes we did have Christmas and then we had a small gathering for New Years eve day so i can truly truly say we have been beyond busy this last year, I am glad to start a new year with lots of hope.
 I am close enough to getting settled back in that I decided it was time to get on with life as it should be, so here is my first class of the year February 11th 
cant wait to get back into the swing of it all.
Sadly I wasn't paying enough attention and lost my last domain address so had to change I hope I can get the info out there,
Main goal for the year is to start doing at least 1 class a month, write more articles and do lots of gardening I cant say how much fun my yard will be when spring finally comes back, I so cant wait to play, there will still be lots of changes coming in my creative world,
So stay tuned yet again.
 I promise I will get this down to a science sooner or later lol  
hang in there 
lots of love, huggs, and kisses   

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yay so this is my newest article I'm so excited I really want to thank everyone that has helped me get to this point starting with my husband I love that he supports me to the fullest, I then need to thank Melinda Barnett for pushing me also Terri Brush for the wonderful classes she teaches, and most of all Stampington publications for giving me these great opportunities to showcase my designs, anyway will talk more soon as for now I am sending lots and lots of gypsy huggs 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Looky Looky at what I have done so far this year i am so very excited to say that I have been a busy girl,
 This year has been a full and busy, happy and sad year for me,
I have been working on a new career path all year long and I am finally starting to see it unfold, as you may know I have a hair salon/gift store in Conway Wa, I recently changed the name of the studio from Visionaries Plus Hair Studio to Gypsy Willows Main Street Studio and  after 12 years I am bringing the new year in with a real honest to goodness sign, I have had this wonderful artist Neil Harrigan do all of my iron work and Cheri Henry do my sign i still need my phone no on the sign but yay its up and looks great. so for the rest of this year i am going to focus on the holidays and getting thru them. but here is a peek of the new sign and a few goodies I'm working on for sale, so please ask me any questions or email me anytime.

 just a small sample of what i do and soon i will add things for sale But i do want you to know I do special orders so if you see something or just wonder feel free to contact me.
or leave a message here
Thankyou Thankyou
Huggs to you all

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello everyone I am here to let you know I have a lot of things going on, here is just a preview.
The month of November!  So the beginning of the busy season what are we to Do? Well  let's start with this,  I am having the 2nd annual trunk show at my salon in hopes for a successful day so please stop by anytime. 
I'm so excited to share that Melinda Barnett is also participating at this show so if you love her work now is the time to come by and check it out. 
I don't have a full list of participants as of yet but I will keep you posted.
This will also be the month of unveiling my first real sign and new name WOOHOO!
 (yes this is the last time)
I am super excited to also introduce the gal that works in my salon on days I'm not there as she also creates wonderful things not to mention, hey she does hair to lol.
So please stay tuned to see the up and coming info for the show. 
Until next time Huggs and Kisses

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

 Well guess what? lol I have gone and done it again, I have totally decided that it was time for my final stage in my creative adventure, as I'm sure you have noticed yet again another name change, and yes this is it the final one at last I'm satisfied with my new look and name. So my news at this time is just this, November 27th 2016 we are doing our second annual Trunk Show and this will hopefully also be the unveiling of my new sign. Lol I have had my business since 2004 and have never really had a sign put up I have only had banners but this will be a wonderful sign built by to local people I will post the names when the sign is done so I can share in there awesome work, as you know I own a hair salon in Conway, Wa I have also been designing jewelry and other crafty type things to sell from my salon/studio. 
So here is the really exciting thing that I have been sitting on I put it out there on Facebook but I wanted to share here to, I have recently been published in Stampington's magazines Bella Amoire Jewelry  and Jewelry Affaire I am extatic about that it is such a great honor to be playing with the big girls now. I will post more about that when I can get to my computer, this last summer has been beyond busy some super exciting things have happened and then a lot of very sad things have happened I won't go into detail as we all have the days that we wish could be a do over. 
But today is always a new day.
Enough for now I promise to be back with more information in just a few days.
Until then I share lots of Prayers, Huggs and Kisses from the Gypsy in me to the Gypsy in you•

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Name New Look

          Hello all, as you might have noticed my website is down for right now.
       I'm making some big changes over the next few months and my website is one of them, I do hope you will bare with me and all the goings on. 
    I am slowly fazing out my hair salon and moving on to bigger and hopefully better things, 
  I am still going to be in the same great location however with a new look, at least on the outside, so anytime you are in Conway, Washington please feel free to stop on by to see what is happening in this wonderful little town. 

My goal is to have an all new look by the end of summer. 
    My shops new name will be 
 Main Street Studio and The Creative Clubhouse.
    You will see my sign which will say, 

Yep here it is Main Street Studio and The Creative Clubhouse

I will still be doing hair however, my main focus will be on jewelry and class design workshops. I will do repairs on what I can, I will also work on creative designs to your specs to  the best I can, call to find out what I can do for you 360-445-3400
 Thank-you for all your patience