Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Name New Look

          Hello all, as you might have noticed my website is down for right now.
       I'm making some big changes over the next few months and my website is one of them, I do hope you will bare with me and all the goings on. 
    I am slowly fazing out my hair salon and moving on to bigger and hopefully better things, 
  I am still going to be in the same great location however with a new look, at least on the outside, so anytime you are in Conway, Washington please feel free to stop on by to see what is happening in this wonderful little town. 

My goal is to have an all new look by the end of summer. 
    My shops new name will be 
 Main Street Studio and The Creative Clubhouse.
    You will see my sign which will say, 

Yep here it is Main Street Studio and The Creative Clubhouse

I will still be doing hair however, my main focus will be on jewelry and class design workshops. I will do repairs on what I can, I will also work on creative designs to your specs to  the best I can, call to find out what I can do for you 360-445-3400
 Thank-you for all your patience


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