Wednesday, October 26, 2016

 Well guess what? lol I have gone and done it again, I have totally decided that it was time for my final stage in my creative adventure, as I'm sure you have noticed yet again another name change, and yes this is it the final one at last I'm satisfied with my new look and name. So my news at this time is just this, November 27th 2016 we are doing our second annual Trunk Show and this will hopefully also be the unveiling of my new sign. Lol I have had my business since 2004 and have never really had a sign put up I have only had banners but this will be a wonderful sign built by to local people I will post the names when the sign is done so I can share in there awesome work, as you know I own a hair salon in Conway, Wa I have also been designing jewelry and other crafty type things to sell from my salon/studio. 
So here is the really exciting thing that I have been sitting on I put it out there on Facebook but I wanted to share here to, I have recently been published in Stampington's magazines Bella Amoire Jewelry  and Jewelry Affaire I am extatic about that it is such a great honor to be playing with the big girls now. I will post more about that when I can get to my computer, this last summer has been beyond busy some super exciting things have happened and then a lot of very sad things have happened I won't go into detail as we all have the days that we wish could be a do over. 
But today is always a new day.
Enough for now I promise to be back with more information in just a few days.
Until then I share lots of Prayers, Huggs and Kisses from the Gypsy in me to the Gypsy in you•

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