Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello everyone I am here to let you know I have a lot of things going on, here is just a preview.
The month of November!  So the beginning of the busy season what are we to Do? Well  let's start with this,  I am having the 2nd annual trunk show at my salon in hopes for a successful day so please stop by anytime. 
I'm so excited to share that Melinda Barnett is also participating at this show so if you love her work now is the time to come by and check it out. 
I don't have a full list of participants as of yet but I will keep you posted.
This will also be the month of unveiling my first real sign and new name WOOHOO!
 (yes this is the last time)
I am super excited to also introduce the gal that works in my salon on days I'm not there as she also creates wonderful things not to mention, hey she does hair to lol.
So please stay tuned to see the up and coming info for the show. 
Until next time Huggs and Kisses