Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hear we go again all I have to say is OMG it has been quite the year since last appeared here I have had a ton of things go down, first my mom had a stroke and then had fallen and broke her leg and her arm in several places (lots of Dr. appointments) So I have been taking care of her, then we finally sold our home and moved just in time for the holidays, (YAY) So exciting, and yes we did have Christmas and then we had a small gathering for New Years eve day so i can truly truly say we have been beyond busy this last year, I am glad to start a new year with lots of hope.
 I am close enough to getting settled back in that I decided it was time to get on with life as it should be, so here is my first class of the year February 11th 
cant wait to get back into the swing of it all.
Sadly I wasn't paying enough attention and lost my last domain address so had to change I hope I can get the info out there,
Main goal for the year is to start doing at least 1 class a month, write more articles and do lots of gardening I cant say how much fun my yard will be when spring finally comes back, I so cant wait to play, there will still be lots of changes coming in my creative world,
So stay tuned yet again.
 I promise I will get this down to a science sooner or later lol  
hang in there 
lots of love, huggs, and kisses   

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