Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Working on getting my new web site and my etsy up and running so hope i can make it all work, if you have any suggestions or ideas please please send me a message
Hope you all have a great day ❤🌹❤

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Life changes

From past 

To  future 
So as i sit thinking of what now and trying to build a new website i am thinking about everything involved, in case you didn't know i have closed my doors to my salon of 15 years to the month, it was a very sad day for me totally not what i was thinking.

I started with a great clientele base and as time moved on so did life some of my people moved on to other hairdressers and some moved on to other states and sadly the ones that were the hardest were the ones that passed on. Its amazing how close you really become to your clients they become family and even friends, i knew in my heart that when the day rolled around that i would have to really see what was going on i knew it was going to be the hardest day ever.

So as of may 31st 2019 i closed my salon and decided to do what i can at home, i am in the process of a new life path, i don't know if anyone really reads this but I'm going to tell you anyway. For the last 6 or more years i have been focusing my energies on the positive side yes at times its been hard i have been going through a lot that could easily make me negative but knowing that that's not a good thing i try to stay super focused.

So my new path is going in a direction that i find to be fun hopeful and exciting,

I am working towards makeup makeovers with jewelry to match. I find that a special occasion needs to have strong attention on the look of the occasion so if you have a wedding your in then your makeup and jewelry should match if you are going to a BBQ then your makeup and jewelry should match, anyway I'm sure you get the picture, i will be working from my home, being a designer and artist this will become my challenge, On my down time, time i need to regroup and or relax i will be sculpting whether it be magical or whimsy, practical or reality i will always have one thing or another to keep me in line.
So for now until i get my site up and running this is it
I will be back as things progress rest assured ❤