Thursday, June 25, 2020

Time is flying so fast.

Oh wow I cant seem to keep up with my self these days my mom has had a set back and is taking up a lot of my time right now, but I think I finally have a better schedule on her care. So this happened since last I was on here I was so excited as stampington contacted me and ask for me to send in some new pieces I was already planning on it but it was just so exciting to me to be asked,  so hoping to get more to them soon so stay tuned❤

Meanwhile I have been doing the same as the rest of the world trying to stay safe and getting yard work done lol you would never know it but I love what has been done so far, 
So I also managed to get my website up and running with some product I have lots more to put on but need to sit back and do it, 
I have lots going on right now with my mom and being able to work again, but I am hoping to get some classes started back up for the holiday season  I will start simple at first and go from there as requested. I will also be adding glass pieces  to my site I have really missed creating my sun-catchers so I will be adding them in here and there not to mention my bridal head pieces so excited about them. So please take a peek from time to time as you never know what might catch your eye, 
Here's a small sample of what's to come

Friday, May 15, 2020

Hello all, so I just recently realized it's already been a year since I shut my doors in Conway Wa. I moved my salon to my home I am or will be after the virus thing allows, be open again for sales and more. I will also consult with people on jewelry design and more.
I am so glad to be working from home these days it gives me great opportunity to do yard work lol and let me tell ya,
So I just posted my actual website where you can purchase things, kind of a scary feeling but it's now done. I hope you like it and look often as I will post new things every Friday, I will be posting handmade jewelry, vintage jewelry, antique  jewelry, and gift items so you will have lots to choose from so check in every Friday after 5 pnw time. Dont hesitate to ask questions I will do my best to answer.
Anyway until next week thankyou for stopping in
Huggs and kisses to all